Price of Modular Kitchens in Nepal; Cost Price per sq ft of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens is a popular concept in contemporary homes, as the design can seamlessly blend with the overall decor of the house. Modular kitchen is term used for kitchens which consists of factory made cabinet modules made of diversified materials to facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in the kitchen. It is an ideal solution for proper space utilisation with an elegant and chic look. The best part is that these can be designed and customized into different shapes, sizes and as and when required. A Modular kitchen gives you the freedom of carrying your entire kitchen with you if you plan to shift your home or move to a new location.

Modular Kitchens are currently in high demand in Nepal due to their sharp, attractive, adaptable, and long-lasting visual appeal.  It comes in different colors and finishes from a simple matte finish to high gloss kitchen cabinets which makes the kitchen highly attractive and stylish.

Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts
The best kitchen layout is one that suits your space without too much compromise. The six most common modular kitchen layouts are the L-Shaped, Straight Line, U-Shaped, Parallel or Galley, Island and Peninsula – each of these has it’s own advantages and makes use of the work triangle differently.
- Straight Layout- used for studio apartments.
- L-Shaped Layout- used for small kitchens.
- U-Shaped Layout- used for a large area designated for the kitchen.
- Parallel Layout/ Galley Kitchen Layout: used for the longitudinal area for the kitchen.
- Island Kitchen- used for an open plan kitchen and workspace.
- G-Shaped Kitchen- used for kitchens of small size or area.

Price of Modular Kitchens in Nepal:
Depending upon the area, requirements, brand and quality of materials, the cost of a modular kitchen may start from Rs 300,000 and can go up to Rs 10 lakhs. The overall modular kitchen cost may vary greatly, as per the requirements, size, layout, brands and quality of the materials used in the kitchen cabinets and sections.

Cost by Types of Plywood:
- Rs 1800 per square feet with C grade plywood
- Rs 2000 per square feet with B grade plywood
- Rs 2500 per square feet with A grade plywood

- Formica Modular kitchen: Average cost is 2000 per sq. Ft.
- Wooden Modular Kitchen: Average cost is 3000 per sq. Ft.

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