Price of UPVC Aluminium Doors, Windows and Partition per sq ft in Nepal

Your windows and doors are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in the home and help you to connect with your exterior, as well as for safety and security. Windows and doors can help transform the look of the interior and exterior of your customers’ homes. There are various types of windows available in the market like wooden windows, aluminium windows, uPVC windows, glass windows, etc. Nowadays, uPVC and aluminium windows are more popular due to its durability, aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

The importance of UPVC/ Aluminium doors and windows are quite durable and come in a variety of styles for both doors and windows. The doors and windows are designed to withstand heavy and frequent use over time due to its structure, ensuring your property's security. Because of their excellent quality, appealing features as well as their elegant looks, they also offer a sense of class to your house.

When doing your research in finding an UPVC/ aluminium window manufacturer and supplier, you are bound to come across a number of different costs. You will find an array of pricing, from the cheapest UPVC/ aluminium window prices to more expensive prices. These prices differ as a result of the grades of aluminium used, the sizing of standard and customisation options, the size of the supplier and the business providing the product. However, it is possible to say that the cost benefit of aluminium frames is much higher than PVC or even wooden frames.

Top UPVC Aluminium Windows and Doors Suppliers, Manufacturers and Companies in Nepal

Average Starting Price Range in Nepal as follows :
- UPVC windows price per sq. ft. : light 650 and heavy 720 with 5mm glass
- UPVC Doors price per sq. ft. : 820
- Aluminium Partitions price per sq. ft. 450
- Aluminium Windows price per sq. ft.: 600 square fit with glass
- Aluminium Door price per sq. ft.: 650 with Acc board

These costs don’t include installation which will vary depending on who is carrying out the installation. This makes it very important to compare quotes from different installers to give you the greatest chance of finding the best deal.

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