Housing Colony in Lalitpur, Nepal; Housing Colonies Price in Lalitpur Area

A housing complex consists of a collection of flats or houses that are frequently identical in terms of their layout, appearance, and occasionally even size. These developments are carried out by real estate developers on a single plot of land. In the majority of housing developments, amenities and features like a pool, play areas, jogging trails, clubhouses, gymnasiums, etc. are shared by the families.

Your home continues to be one of the most valuable investments. A well-calculated decision can significantly heighten your lifestyle. Residing in housing development brings you a classy lifestyle, driven by the sensation of community living.

Most families in Nepal have chosen during the past ten years to invest in housing colonies as their future residences. Furthermore, many of them are expressing their special appreciation for choosing to live in a housing society versus independent residences. Even those choosing independent residence are drawn to gated communities built by well-known real estate and housing companies. Over last 10 years in Nepal, private housing developers have stepped into this market and are providing consumers with a variety of housing types and locations.

The prices vary depending on the location, the facilities and developer brand. Valuation of property is clearly based on the availability of necessities and facilities connected with comfortable housing. The quality and cost of materials during construction, size, current rates of labor, frontage and other physical attributes such as roof covering, height of the building, type of foundation, waterproofing and plinth level, also affect the price of a particular property.

Benefits of Residing in Housing Colony:
> In a housing society, you build up a community with a better social life, and conducting different events and festivals with mutual interest creates a healthy bonding between individuals.
> Investing in such housing societies is not only safe but also a secure option to invest in.
> In most housing developments, the families enjoy shared amenities and features, such as a swimming pool, play zones, jogging tracks, clubhouses, gymnasiums, etc.
> The housing society management takes it upon itself to hire the security guards at various gates, build boundary walls, and install cameras at every nook to ensure that good-scale security is provided.
> A gated community usually has amenities to meet all recreational needs of its residents. Modern residential complexes are self-sustaining and come with an array of high-end facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool, health care centers, shopping complex and a host of other features.
> Real estate developers of housing colonies provide very sufficient plans for individuals on easy installments so they do not have to bear heavy payments at the start.
> Housing Colony is the starting point for a modern way of life.
> Investing in a good housing project is invariably a good business idea as it normally guarantees good returns.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City, historically Patan, is the fourth most populous city of Nepal after Kathmandu, Pokhara and Bharatpur, and it is located in the south-central part of Kathmandu Valley, a new metropolitan city of Nepal.

Price of Housing Colonies in Lalitpur area depends on various factors with plot area and built-up area being major factors. Some of the other factors affecting price of housing area are: Home size & usable space, age & condition, structure, location, amenities, infrastructure, availability of land, demand and supply.  The price range for units in housing colonies in Lalitpur area start from Rs 3 cr and goes up to several crores(up to Rs 15 crores). More the facilities, the higher the price tag. The valuation of property is dependent on the specifications of materials used, layout, design, durability and life cycle of the building. The quality and cost of materials during construction, size, current rates of labor, frontage and other physical attributes such as roof covering, height of the building, type of foundation, waterproofing and plinth level, also affect the price of a particular property.

Lalitpur is home to numerous housing colony projects from well-known home builders. Numerous projects have already been finished, and many more are in the planning and completion stages. The leaders in the development of housing projects in the Lalitpur area include Civil Homes, CE Constructions, Downtown Housing, CG Developers and CG Properties. The most of the projects are concentrated at Bhaisepati, Dhapakhel, Thaiba, Sunakothi and Imadol areas in Lalitpur.

The housing colony projects from CE Constructions in Lalitpur are: Scenic Housing, Thaiba; Hattiban Housing, Hattiban; Thaiba Height, Thaiba; Pabitra Awas, Hattiban; Senon Colony, Bhanimandal; Siddhi Colony, Bhaisepati; Prime Colony, Dhobhighat and Vinayak Colony, Bhaisepati. The housing colony projects from Civil Homes in Lalitpur are: Civil Homes Phase VI, Khumaltar; Civil Homes Phase V, Sunakothi; Civil Homes Phase IV, Dhapakhel; Civil Homes Phase IX, Godavari; Civil Homes Phase III, Sunakothi and Civil Homes Phase I, Bhainsepati. The housing colony projects from CG Properties in Lalitpur are: CityScape Villas Apartments Hattiban, The Villas Phase 1 and 2 Sunakothi, CG Lakeview Dhapakhel, Bhaisepati. The housing colony projects from Downtown Housing in Lalitpur are: City View Residency, Dhapakhel and Downtown Residency, Imadol, Lalitpur.

List of Housing Colonies in Lalitpur are as follows:

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