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Iron and steel industries play a crucial role in the development and growth of a country.  Nepali iron and steel industries are thriving due to the increasing demand for iron rods, pipes, GI sheets and other various types of materials that are used in the construction of houses, commercial buildings and different large infrastructure projects.  Thus, new investment in the industry is a result of increased development works, boom in the construction of houses and commercial buildings.

According to the statistics, there are more than 11,000 industrial units in the grill and steel sector across the country. Those industrial units have been providing direct employment to 160,000 people by teaching skills to 3,000 youths annually. Works related to metal fabrication worth Rs 65 billion are being done each year.

There are two types of iron and steel products in the market. One is flat products and the other is long products. Construction-related products come under long products such as re-bar and TMT rods. Besides that, wire products such as nails, galvanised wires are also produced under long products.
The iron and steel sector has witnessed major changes technology wise over the years. Industries are now capable of producing quality products in large quantities to fulfill the demand in the market.  

Due to increased production from old players and new players joining the business, Nepal has become self-sufficient in iron and steel materials as per domestic iron and steel manufacturers. Over the last 8-10 years, the industries have enhanced their production capacity and new investments have increased in this sector.

In recent times, the use of iron has increased among consumers as an alternative to wood. According to the stakeholders, this has stopped the destruction of forests, helped to maintain environmental balance by aiding in the growth of the forest cover, and also helped to reduce floods and landslides caused by soil erosion.

- TMT REBARS: NPR 100-120 per KG
- WIRES (Binding Wire): NPR 118-140 /Kg
- GI WIRES: For 2.4/3/3.9 mm: NPR160 per Kg ; For 4.75/7 mm: NPR 120-125 per Kg
- GABION BOX: 270/Sq. Meter
The price varies from brand to brand and geographic region as well.

Some of the largest iron and steel manufacturers with their major products in Nepal are as follows:

1. Hama Steel
Hamasteel is a steel manufacturing company serving the nation over 25 years with premium quality steel.Hama Steel was established in the year BS 2046/1988 to meet the growing need for construction-grade steel and iron products in Nepal. Making its mark as one of the best in the industry by maintaining excellent standards, Hama steel received the hallmark of Nepal Standard (NS) mark in BS 2052/1995.

Products of HAMA Steel:
- HAMA 500D Bars: a brand of 500D TMT Rebars;
- Annealed Binding wires: wires made with carbon steel;
- Hard Bright Wires: Steel wires used as raw material to manufacture various items like nails, cycle spokes, binding wires, weldmesh, welding electrodes, GI wires, and so on
- Plain Rounds : one of the most widely used steel-based products
Details of Products and Price:

- Head Office: P.O.Box: 4667, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
- Tel: 977-1-4252602, 4252645

2. Ambe Steels
Ambe Steels is Nepal's largest steel manufacturing company and one of the best steel companies in Nepal which was founded in 1982. Ambe Steels is one of the business verticals of Ambe Group. The company has been successful to manufacture products that has gained huge popularity within the short period of time and are recognized for their best quality among other available in the market. It was established to produce TMT steel bars and other steel products utilizing German HSE Gmbh Thermex technology.

Products of Ambe Steels:
- TMT bars: Ambe TMT is created using automated equipment using Thermex technology, ensuring that each TMT is the same size and weight.
- GI Wires : Galvanization produces GI wire, or galvanized iron wire
- Gabion box: welded wire cages or boxes filled with stone, concrete, sand, or dirt.

Product Specifications/ Price List of Ambe Steel: [ CLICK HERE ]

Ambe Complex, 6th Floor, Teku, Kathmandu Nepal
Phone : +977 1 5358128

3. Himal Iron & Steel (P) Ltd. and Himal Wires (P) Ltd.
Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd.
Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd was established in 1961. It has since emerged as a pioneering force in Nepal’s iron and steel industry. The company began with the production of plain bars and subsequently led the nation into self sufficiency in the reinforced steel industry. Today it proudly celebrates its 50 years Golden Jubilee, a rare example for Nepalese companies.

Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd produces cold twisted Torsteel bars (licensed from Tor-Isteg Steel Corporation Luxembourg) and high strength TMT Tempcore bars (licensed from Centre de Rechaerche Metallurgiques (CRM) Belgium. Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd is renowned among its consumers for its high quality products, innovative features and customer friendly marketing.

Himal Wires (P) Ltd
Himal Wires (P) Ltd was established in 1982 in Parwanipur, Parsa. It was setup to complement Himal Steel products. From its onset, it has been a pioneer in the industry. Himal Wires (P) Ltd is capable of manufacturing a wide range of wire products such as galvanized wires, barbed wires, binding wires, deformed wires, and annealed wires, all essential for the country’s infrastructure building industries.

Today, it produces high strength deformed cold worked Torkari bars (based on Baustahlgewebe Technology from Germany) in popular sizes of 4.75mm and 7mm, and annealed wires in 20 swg and 22 swg coils.Currently, Himal Wires (P) Ltd’s products are marketed by Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd.

Jyoti Bhawan, 1919 Kantipath, PO Box 133, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No:  (977-1) 4253637, 4226530
Fax No:  (977-1) 4212932

Product Specifications/ Price List of Himal Iron and Steel: [ CLICK HERE ]

Address: Jyoti Bhawan,, 1919 Kantipath, PO Box 133,, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No:  (977-1) 4253637, 4226530
Fax No:  (977-1) 4212932

4. Panchakanya Steel
Panchakanya Steel, that came into existence in the year 2002 which has now become the first Company in Nepal to manufacture TMT steel bars. Panchakanya Group’s commitment towards excellence in quality production was fulfilled when it was recognized as the First Steel Industry in the country to be bestowed with a prestigious NS mark and NS quality award certified by Nepal Bureau of Standard. Besides, it also became the first industry in Nepal to be certified ISO: 9001:2008 by Lloyds' Quality Assurance Register.

Panchakanya Steel produces TMT steel bars, Eco bar, HB wires, binding wires, and nails.

Product Specifications/ Price List of Panchakanya Steel [ CLICK HERE ]

Address: Panchakanya Bhawan, Krishna Galli, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-5526551
Fax: +977-1-5526529

5. Laxmi Steels
Located in Laxmi Road, Sunwal, Nawalparasi, Laxmi Steels Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Saurabh Group of the industries) boasts perhaps one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced production  facility in Nepal. With a production capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes per month and an ideal location right on the cusp of the East-West Highway, the company is able to ensure consistent supply throughout our extensive distribution network.

Manufactured by TMT technology, Laxmi Steels uses German Thermex technology which is considered to be the best in the world.

Laxmi Steels produces Themex TMT Bars – guaranteed to be one of the best in the market. Laxmi Steels Themex TMT Bars are distinguishable from other manufacturers for their Strong Hold on Concrete , Deterioration Resistance , Easy yet Strong Welding,  Uniform Weight & Size , Fire Resistance, Anti-Earthquake , Extreme Flexibility & Durability  and Extreme Strength

Product Specifications/ Price List of Laxmi Steel: [ CLICK HERE ]

Laxmi Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Neupane Tower, Tinkune, Kathmandu
Tel : 4111567, 4111571, 4117502, 4111942
Fax:  977-1-4111634

6. Jagdamba Steels
Jagdamba Steels Pvt. Ltd. is a flagship company of Shanker Group, one of the leading and largest Steels Manufacturing Company in Nepal.It manufactures a wide range of steel products and its easy availability is ensured all over Nepal through more than thousands of retail outlets. Being the biggest steel company in Nepal, Jagdamba produces best steel in Nepal among the whole steel industries in Nepal.

In the short time of its establishment, this company has already earned name and fame through making the best steel in Nepal, quality production, and expresses its commitment in giving continuity to the quality products in the future too.

Product Specifications/ Price List of Jagdamba Steels: [ CLICK HERE ]

- Reinforment Rebars: Jagdamba E, Rhino 500D
- Structural: MS Angles, MS Channel. MS Rounds, MS Flats, Jagadamba Steels- Beams
- Wire and Allies
- Jagdamba Supershine: Jagdamba Galva+, Al – Zinc Coated Sheet also known as GALVALUME, is a steel sheet with a coating consisting of aluminum, zinc and silicon over the base metal to protect it from the elements.

Address: 2nd Floor, Laxman Babu Bhawan,Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:  +977-1-4545823

7. Shree Steels
Shree Steels, a renowned name in Nepal, is a Fully Automated Plant, specializing in the manufacture of TMT rebars that have been particularly designed to enhance the building strength of any structure and minimize the risk of destruction caused by earthquakes. It is the first brand in Nepal to source state-of-the-art Japanese technology for the production of TMT rebars.

Made from high quality prime billet, Shree Steels’ rebars are earthquake resistant. In addition, equipped with higher bendability, better bonding, excellent saving, super strength, resistance to fire, uniform weight to length ratio and produced by state-of-the-art Japanese technology, it ensures strength and quality for the infrastructure.

- TMT Bars : FE 500, FE 550 D

Product Specifications/ Price List of Shree Steel: [ CLICK HERE ]

Address: Lalupate Marg, Hattisar, kathmandu
Tel.: +977 1 4442430 / 4443229

Address: :Prahari Tole Siddharth Nagar, Bhairahawa
Tel.: +71 521653
- Rohini Rural Municipality Ward no. 3, Semrahawa
- Tel.: +1 4442430 / 4443229

8. Sakha Steel
Saakha Steel Company was formed in 1995 and on the same year Commercial production commenced with the company becoming wholly owned of SAAKHA GROUP.  Saakha Steel is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the country with its factory located at Simara in Birgunj

TMT products and TOR Steel production

Product Specifications/ Price List of Sakha Steel :[ CLICK HERE ]


Address : Saakha House Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone :(+977) 4111598, 4111983, 4111797, 4111985, 4111986

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