Top Real Estate and Housing Developers in Nepal

The real estate sector is one of the most acknowledged sectors in the world. Demand for housing in Nepal will continue to drive demand for real estate developers, as these workers plan and oversee the construction of new residential and commercial properties.

Real estate developers are those who buy land and build a real estate property on it. A real estate developer is responsible for planning and coordinating the construction of these buildings, financing it, and bringing in a team to execute the plan. This process involves negotiations with property owners, real estate agents, investors, lending institutions such as banks and insurance companies, architects, lawyers, general contractors, government officials, and other interested parties.

A real estate developer plays a primary role in the real estate industry because the profession involves the acquisition and development of property. Acquisition is often with the sole intent to develop the property into commercial or residential buildings, which can range from apartment complexes and single- or multi-family homes to restaurants, retail spaces, offices and industrial spaces.

Responsibilities of a Real Estate Developer:
- Visiting and analyzing land plots and properties
- Meeting with contractors and investors
- Book balancing
- Time management and organized scheduling
- New project research
- Confirming properties are up to code
- Troubleshooting
- Communicating with local organizations

There are many Real Estate Developers in Nepal who are contributing to the housing industry for a long period of time. Some of housing leading housing developers are: CE Construction, CG Developers, Downtown Housing, Civil Homes, Brihat Investment, Roadshow Real Estate, CG Properties, Mount View Developers, Padma Colony, Greenhill City Pvt. Ltd, Platinum Developers Pvt. Ltd. and Shangrila Housing Pvt. Ltd.

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