Cost to Build a House per square foot in Nepal; Price of Home Constructions in Nepal

The price to build a house depends upon the type of house you want to build, location, geographic region, cost & standard of construction materials, manpower charges, reputation of contractors. Labor and material costs make up the bulk of home building expenses, and these depend heavily on supply and demand in your area. It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced and reputed contractor, who is well aware of all the construction aspects.A good contractor or architect can provide an accurate blueprint of the design and structure of your house based on your budget and plot area, lack of knowledge and experience may lead to uncalled delays or expense due to restructuring or over usage of raw materials; an architect can even provide great assistance in finding good quality raw material at a lower cost.

Factors in Home Building Costs:
1. Size of Home and Per-Square-Foot Costs
2. Home Design and Wasted Space
3.  Finishes and Features
4. Operational Efficiency and Contractor selection

Factors that affect the construction cost of a house:
The construction cost depends on various factors such as the kind of raw materials going to be used during construction like wood, iron bars, cement, sand, labor, time of delivery, legal taxes, etc. Therefore it is idle to appoint an experienced architect who will help you not only design your house properly and but will also help you figure out the construction cost and the time frame in which your house construction will be completed.

Top factors which may affect the construction cost of the project are as follows:
- Cost of the construction material
- Construction site
- Labour Wages
- Quality of plans
- Regulator and insurance requirements
- Size of the project

Average Price:
These days construction companies have started offering various house building packages as per the demands of customers.The cost of a house building package ranges from basic package to premium package with cost starting from Rs. 3000 per sq.ft for basic package to Rs. 4300 sq. ft. for premium package. The cost may vary according to the reputation of construction companies.

Basic: Price starts from Rs. 3000/sq. ft
> Basic Faucets and Fittings
> Concrete slab in kitchen
> Aluminum Window and Wooden door frame
> Readymade doors
> Iron Railings

Economic: Price starts from Rs 3300 / Sq. ft
> Semi Modular Kitchen
> Tile in kitchen floor/balcony
> Marble in Stairs
> Underground water Tank
> Aluminum windows
> Wooden door frame
> Readymade doors
> Steel Railings
> Basic Faucets and Fittings

Standard: Price starts from Rs 3700/sq. ft
> Modular kitchen
> Tile in kitchen floor
> Tile in balcony/terrace
> Graynite in stair
> Underground water tank
> UPVC windows
> Boundary wall and gate
> Asian/Berger paints
> Branded faucets and fitting
> Wooden door frame
> Readymade customized doors
> Steel Railings

Premium: Price starts from Rs 4300/sq. ft
> All in standard
> Wooden flooring in stairs
> Wooden windows
> Wooden and glass railings
> All room parqueting
> False ceilings in living room and master bedroom
> Stone flooring

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