AAC Block Itta Price and Size in Nepal


AAC block (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete ) is the low density construction material prepared through the high pressure mechanism. The concrete block features good insulation system helpful in regulating room temperature, assists the earthquake resistant structure and comes at 10%-20% less cost than the clay based bricks.

It is easier to use, saves time and money in construction and provides better results as well.

Benefits of AAC block :
> Reduce Time on Construction
> Eco-Friendly
> Easily Installation
> Light Weight and Strong
> Earthquake Resistance
> Heat and Sound resistant
> Uniformity

Average price of AAC Block:
- AAC Block Size: 4 inch (600 x 200 x 100mm): starts from Rs. 130-150
- AAC Block Size: 6 inch (600 x 200 x 150mm) : starts from Rs. 190-230
- AAC Block Size: 8 Inch (600 x 200 x 200mm) : starts from Rs. 260-300
The price range varies from company to company.

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