Best Interior Design Companies in Nepal

Today's society places a high value on interior design, which helps to modernize and elevate our way of life. Additionally, it raises the functionality in our lives and introduces us to beauty and comfort.

Interior designers are one of the most crucial components when discussing interior design. Designers make every effort to ensure that the value of their work is understood and appreciated by the public. When it comes to creating the ideal homes and structures, designers take their clients' needs into consideration as well as their own hearts. They impart their knowledge and assist others in making progress with their preferences and choices.

These interior designers work closely with their clients to fully comprehend what they genuinely desire and then tailor the designs to fit those needs. Some of the Nepal's leading interior design companies are:

1. Danube Home
Danube Home is one stop retail destination for complete home interiors, exteriors & decors. living room, bathroom, kitchen, lighting accessories, greenery enclosure and exteriors.More than 25k+ products under one roof.

Address: Tahagalli, Sundhara (Way to Bhotebahal), Kathmandu
Phone: 980-2316809

2. ArtWill Interior Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Timila Marg, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-9851253440

3. Interior Points Nepal
Address: Shankhamul Marga, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4792725

4. VOXEL Pvt. ltd. (Architects, Engineers Consultants, Interior Designers)
Address: Hasapota Ganesh Marga, Lalitpur
Phone no.:  +977-985-1108108

5. Ultra Interior
Address: Tripura Marg, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-1-5315365

6. Bella Casa International
Address: Gautam Buddha Marg, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-986-0867618

7. Aiden Engineering
Address: Surya Bikram Jwali Marg, Kathmandu

Phone no.:  +977-1-6207568

8. East Consult (P) Ltd

Address: Ring Road, Basundhara, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  977-1-4383785, 977-1-4356196, 977-1-4356948

9. MRB & Associates, Engineers and Architects    
Address: Seto Durbar, Jamal, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-1-4243532, +977-1-4224802

10. CEMAT Consultants (P) Ltd.
Address: Gusingal, Kupondole, Lalitpur
Phone no.:  +977-1-5540188, 5539891, 5539865

11. East West Engineering Service Pvt. Ltd. (EWES)
Address: Golfutar Main Rd, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-1-4650203, 4373316

12. Cherish Interior and Engineering - Interior Design in Nepal
Address: Bouddha, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-9849398835

13. CMS Engineering Consult (P) Ltd.

Address: Bhadrabinayak Marga, Thapagaun, New Baneshwor
Phone no.: +977-1-5244139

14. ITECO Nepal (P) Ltd.

Address: Panchakanya Marga Minbhawan, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4106776

15. SILT Consultants (P) Ltd

Address: Ratopul, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-4473573, 4487598, 4495163

16. Building Design Authority (BDA)
Address: Osho Bhawan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4227393, 4248200

17. MULTI Disciplinary Consultants (P) Ltd.

Address: Kupondole-10 Lalitpur
Phone no.: +977-1-5010676, 5529304

18. Nepalconsult (P) Ltd.
Address: Kupondol, Lalitpur
Phone no.: 977-1-5520153 , 5011534

20. ArEiCon Architects and Engineers Consultant

Address: Kupondol, Lalitpur
Phone no.: 977-1-5524457

21. Fort Architecture & Interior Design
- Address: Golfutar, Kathmandu
- Phone: 9823227610, 9840181477

22. Nextgen interiors & Architects
- Address: 977-9801219777
--Address- Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal

23. Metalwood Nepal
Address: Patan Saugal, Patan, Nepal
Phone: 9808381010, 9851065959, 9808183626

24. Interior Era
Address: Kuleshwor Metro, Granishta Bhawan ,Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4274495, 9860113102,  9849061279

25. Ultra Interio
Address: Teku Road, Tripureshwor,Kathmandu
Phone: 9801006320, 9851004160

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