Malpot Karyalaya ( Land Revenue Offices) in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur 2079-2080


Land Revenue Office (Malpot Karyalaya) works under Department of Land Reform and Management (DOLRM), Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, Government of Nepal.

Some of the functions of Land Revenue Office are as follows:
> Registration of land
> Transfering ownership of land
> Land revenue collection
> Maintenance of land records and maps
> Computerization of land records
> Carrying out departmental publication

There are 9 Land Revenue Offices in three districts of the Kathmandu Valley. Out of 9, there are only 6 land revenue offices in Kathmandu, 2 in Lalitpur, and one in Bhaktapur. The six land revenue offices in Kathmandu are: Kalanki Land Revenue Office,  Dilibazaar Land Revenue Office, Chahabil Land Revenue Office, Sankhu Land Revenue Office, Tokha Land Revenue Office and Manamaiju Land Revenue Office. Similarly, Lalitpur Land Revenue Office at Lagankhel and Gotikhel Land Revenue Office at Gotikhel are land revenue offices in Lalitpur. The is only one land revenue office is Bhaktapur District.

Land Revenue Offices in KATHMANDU are as follows:
1. Kalanki Land Revenue Office
Address: Kalanki, Near by Bhatbhateni Supermarket
Kalanki - Malpot Rate of Land, Kathmandu [ VIEW DETAILS ]

2. Dilibazaar Land Revenue Office
Address: Charkhal Marg, Dillibazar
Phone No. 01-4410199
Dilibazaar - Malpot Rate of Land, Kathmandu [ VIEW DETAILS ]

3. Chahabil Land Revenue Office
Address: Gopi Krishna Marga, Chabahil
Phone Number, 00977-1-4480573, 4467051
Chahabil - Malpot Rate of Land, Kathmandu [ VIEW DETAILS ]

4. Sankhu Land Revenue Office
Address: Sankhu, Kathmandu
Phone : 01-4451674
Fax : 01-4450675
Sankhu Malpot Rate of Land, Kathmandu [ VIEW DETAILS ]

5. Tokha Land Revenue Office
Address: Tokha
Tokha - Malpot Rate of Land, Kathmandu [ VIEW DETAILS

6. Manamaiju Land Revenue Office
Address: Manamaiju
Manamaiju- Malpot Rate of Land, Kathmandu [ VIEW DETAILS ]

Land Revenue Offices in LALITPUR are as follows:
1. Lalitpur Land Revenue Office
Address: Lagankhel Satdobato Rd, Lalitpur, Province-3, Nepal
Phone no.: 977 1-5546855
Lalitpur - Malpot Rate of Land [ VIEW DETAILS ]

2. Gotikhel Land Revenue Office
Address: Gotikhel
GotikhelMalpot Rate of Land, Lalitpur [ VIEW DETAILS ]

Land Revenue Office in BHAKTAPUR:
1. Bhaktapur Land Revenue Office
Address: Bhaktapur
Phone no.: 01-6619936
Bhaktapur - Malpot Rate of Land [ VIEW DETAILS ]

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