Housing Colony in Pokhara, Price of Housing Colonies in Pokhara Nepal

A housing complex is made up of a number of flats or houses that are typically identical in terms of their design, look, and sometimes even size. On a single piece of land, developers of real estate have built these complexes. Families share amenities and features like a pool, play spaces, jogging paths, clubhouses, gymnasiums, etc. in the majority of housing developments. One of the most precious assets is indeed your home. A wise choice can greatly improve your standard of living. Living in a housing development gives you a luxurious lifestyle that is fueled by the sense of community.

Over the past 10 years, the majority of households in Nepal have decided to invest in colonies as their future homes. Many of them are also emphasizing how much they appreciate having chosen housing societies over individual homes. Gated communities created by well-known real estate and housing corporations attract even those choosing independent living. Private home developers have entered this market in Nepal over the past ten years and are offering customers a range of dwelling kinds and locations.

Pokhara, one of the major urban centers in western Nepal, saw its first housing colony some five years back when Pokhara Homes laid foundations for 81 bungalows at Gharipatan´s 70 ropanis of land. This was followed by development of another housing project called Fishtail Residency by Annapurna Developers. Road Show Real Estate Pvt Ltd ( Deep Housing) , Pokhara Homes Pvt Ltd ( Pokhara Homes), Annapurna Developers (Fishtail Residency) and Gandaki Real Estate Pvt Ltd are the front runners in development of housing projects in Pokhara. The market of housing in Pokhara is blooming as more customers from the capital city are attracted to the lake city due to its landscape, good climate and peaceful environment.

In Pokhara, there are numerous housing colony projects being undertaken by reputable property developers. There are many projects that have already been finished, and there are many more that are in the planning and completion stages. In terms of housing project development in the Pokhara area, Annapurna Developers, Pokhara Homes Pvt. Ltd, Gandaki Real Estate Pvt Ltd, Road Show Real Estate and CE Constructions are at the forefront. In Pokhara, the Lakseside, Gharipatan and Sarangkot areas are home to the majority of the projects.

Some of the popular housing projects in Pokhara are Fishtail Residency from Annapurna Developers, Pokhara Homes from Pokahra Homes Pvt. Ltd, Deep Housing from Roadshow Real Estate, Fewa Prince Residency from CE Construction and Lovely Hills Residency from White Horse Developers.

List of some of the popular Housing Colonies in Pokhara are as follows:

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