Do you own House or Land in Kathmandu? KMC has brought new rules to collect taxes (with list)

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has made public the property tax with some exemptions for the residents of the valley who are facing difficulties due to corona. Those who have property in Kathmandu have to pay tax to the government. But up to 10 percent discount has been provided for the property owners who are facing difficulties due to Corona.

This exemption will not apply to the statement. The discount will only apply for the time the corona is in effect.

The corporation has also made public the financial bill along with the budget of the fiscal year 2077/78 on Wednesday. In which the tax to be paid is clearly explained. How much is your property and how much tax you have to pay to the corporation now is mentioned.

According to the fiscal bill, you have to pay 0.01 percent tax on a house or land or property worth Rs 10 million ( Rs.1 Crore). It costs Rs 1,000. You have to pay this tax to the Metropolis.

Similarly, for a house and property worth Rs. 2 Crore, you have to pay 2,500; For Rs. 3 crore worth, you have to pay 4500; For Rs. 4 crore worth, you have to pay 8500; For Rs. 5 crore worth, you have to pay 14,500; For Rs. 6 crore worth, you have to pay 24,500; For Rs. 8 crore worth, you have to pay Rs 84,500; For Rs. 10 crore worth, you have to pay Rs 174,000 in property tax.

If you have assets worth more than Rs 100 million (Rs. 10 crore ), you have to pay tax at 0.60 percent of the value. It has been decided to give 10 percent exemption in property tax for those affected by the corona virus. Accordingly, the tax will have to be filed by Poush end 2077.

View Details below  (House and Land Tax rat):

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