National ID Card mandatory for real estate transactions from 2025

 June 28: Starting January 14, 2025, the government has mandated the use of national identity cards for all real estate transactions, replacing the previous requirement of a citizenship certificate.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notice in the gazette, announcing that national identity cards will now be necessary for buying and selling land or houses.

According to Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, joint secretary and spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs, this new provision aims to standardize the use of national identity cards across various sectors. The mandate extends to other services such as banking, financial transactions, social security, health insurance, pensions, personal income tax registration, driver’s licenses, and company registration and renewal, to be implemented nationwide.

Starting January 14, 2025, people will also need a national identity card to obtain a mobile telephone SIM card. The notice emphasizes that national identity cards or their numbers will replace citizenship certificates for accessing public services provided by government agencies, organizations, and the private sector.

source: republica, 28 June 2024

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