How to Check SEE Result 2081 2080 with Marksheet Via Website, SMS, IVR: NEPAL TELECOM ::

The National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal has published the results of Secondary Education Examination (SEE).

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Of 464,785 students who took the 10th-grade final examination, 47.86 percent secured different grades and qualified for further studies. The remaining 242,092 students (52.14 percent) failed to secure any grades, being categorised as non-graded. A total of 186 students received a GPA 4. The examinations of 221 students have been cancelled.
This post contains a detailed guide on how to check your SEE results using these techniques. Students can check their SEE Examination Results through a variety of websites and SMS shortcodes.

A. Check SEE ( Class 10) Results 2080-2081 via Websites
You can also check your SEE results online by visiting the following authorized websites:
Students and guardians can check the see result 2080 online using the websites listed below.
1. NEB, Examination Control Office Class 10, Sanothimi; Website:
2. National Examination Board (NEB), Sanothimi; Website:
3. Nepal Telecom; Website:
4. Swift Technologies Pvt Ltd; Website:
5. Kantipur Publications Ltd.; Website:
6. Khalti Pvt Ltd; Website:
7. Esewa Limited; Website:
8. Phonics Education Foundation; Website:
9. Ncell Asiata Limited; Website:
10. Edusanjal, Website:

B. Check SEE Result 2080-2081 Via SMS and IVR
You can also check SEE Result 2080 using SMS/IVR. To do this, send an SMS from your mobile phone to one of the following numbers, typing SEE (Space) Symbol Number.

1 Nepal Telecom
SMS: Send your symbol number to 1600
IVR: Dial 1600 and follow the instructions

2. Swift Technology Pvt. Ltd.
SMS: Send your symbol number to 34455

3. Janaki Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
SMS: Send your symbol number to 35001

4. Easy Service Pvt. Ltd.
SMS: Send your symbol number to 34949

5. Akash Tech Pvt. Ltd.
SMS: Send your symbol number to 31003

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