Greenhill City Pvt. Ltd

Company Profile-Greenhill City Pvt. Ltd.

We at Greenhill City Pvt. Ltd as an organization believe that the quality of our construction must enrich the quality of the customers’ life. Hence our emphasis has always been on effective space utilization, superior craftsmanship, personal supervision, and exemplary finishes. We strive to achieve excellence through continuous improvement.

Green Hill City has become the renowned real estate company in Nepal. With ongoing projects across Kathmandu Valley, Green Hill City  has its eyes clearly set on the future, imbibing  latest technology combined with  a synergy of extensive experience, professional experts and constant focus on innovation.

Green Hill City selects good location with optimal space management, complimented by well planned interior layouts and excellent ventilation.

Mr.Bhesh Raj Lohani is the chairman of the Green Hill City.  He is a visionary person, a leader and a thorough bred professional, guiding the organization through its evolution into one of the biggest and most successful real estate companies in Nepal.

Housing Projects from Greenhill City Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Office
Tel: 4417020,4417025

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