Manamaiju Malpot Government Rate of Land, Kathmandu Nepal 2080-2081 (2023/2024)

 Department of Land Reform and Management (DOLRM),  Land Revenue Office (Malpot Office) Manamaiju, Kathmandu has published the new minimum land valuation for the fiscal year 2080/81.

Malpot Rate

Government rates, also known as Malpot rates, are land rates set by Nepal's Department of Land Management and Archive. These Malpot rates are typically much lower than Commercial rates. Furthermore, it grows at a rate of about 10% per year. Land malpot rates are required in the banking valuation of the land, in the payment of land taxes, and when buying and selling lands. Every year, every Malpot office in the country publishes Malpot Rate Books in which people can see the rate of their land. Furthermore, the rates are divided into municipalities/rural municipalities, wards, and finally by locality and road type.

View documents below for new valuation of land:

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