Price of Construction Materials (Cement, Steel, Iron, Sand, Bricks) in Nepal

Overall price of Construction material  has fallen significantly. Latest price of construction materials as follows:

Cement Price (OPC  and PPC Cement Price):
According to hardware traders, the price of cement in the Kathmandu Valley has dropped by Rs 50 per bag. At present, OPC cement is being sold at Rs 780 per bag and PPC cement at Rs 670 per bag. Earlier, the price of OPC cement was Rs 830 per bag and PPC cement was Rs 700 per bag.

This price can be up to plus or minus Rs 10 depending on the brand of cement.As per traders, the price of cement has come down by Rs 20 to Rs 50.

Price of Steel :
The price of Steel, which is essential for house construction, has also come down. At present, the price of Steel has dropped to Rs 70 per kg. Earlier, the same bar was being sold at Rs 77 per kg. However, the price of Panchakanya and Himal Steel is a bit expensive. Compared to other brands of Steel, Himal and Panchakanya Steek are priced at Rs 10 to Rs 15 per kg.

Price of Sand :
According to traders, the price of sand and stone ballast has also come down. The price of sand and stone ballast has decreased by Rs 15 per cubic foot. Earlier, the price of sand per cubic foot was Rs 105 but now it has dropped to Rs 90. Similarly, the price of stone ballast, which used to be Rs 100 per Cube-foot, has now come down to Rs 85.

It used to cost Rs 35 per square foot to build a house, but now it costs only Rs 31-32 per square foot as the price of construction materials has come down.

The prices of cement, rods, stone ballast and sand have come down as infrastructure construction off-season has already started and the demand for construction materials has declined due to the Corona epidemic. Banks have slashed interest rates to single digits as liquidity has accumulated in the banking system. Banks are now competing to lend at the lowest interest rates.

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