Home and Land price in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur Area, Nepal

Land price depends on economic significance of a particular location and on other amenities. Fair value for land and housing is totally dependent on major national economy amenities such as, road connection, market proximity, excess of local facilities and topography.
House and Land Tax Act, 2019 (1962)

An Act made to Provide for Levying Tax on House and Land in Urban AreasPreamble:  Whereas,  it  is expedient to  levy tax  on the  house and  land in the urban areas in order to increase national income for the de
Development of the country; Now,  therefore,  be  it  enacted  by  His  Majesty  K ing Mahendra  Bir  Bikram  Shah Dev, pursuant to Article 93 of the Constitution of Nepal.

 Short  Title,  Extension  and  Commencement: 

(1)  This  Act  may  be  called  as  the "House and Land Tax Act, 2019 (1962)".
(2)  It shall extend all  over Nepal and shall also apply  to any  person who  is residing outside the Nepal and holds house and land in the Nepal.
(3)  It  shall  be  deemed  to  have  been  commenced  since  9thShrawan  2019 (July 24, 1962)

Valuation of house and land  of urban  area:
The Tax Officer shall,  on the basis of  the  prescribed  principles, valuate  the  house and  land of  the urban area  for  the purpose  of  house  and  land  tax  to  be levied  on  such house and  land in  the  urban area pursuant to the prevailing Act.

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Lalitpur House and Land Price, Tax Rate 2076

House and Land Tax Rate 2070-71


Home for sale in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Area

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