Panipokhari Height, Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Housing in Panipokhari

About Project:
Set in the most prestigious part of Kathmandu, centrally located & luxuriously appointed, "PaniPokhari Heights" is an oasis of calm which allows you to live the life your way - A life of Comfort, a life beyond the ordinary. Forest at one side with all the fresh air, and Embassies of different countries like Japan, America, Franceand house of the president nearby the project makes this premium residential colonyvery central.

PaniPokhari Heights offers premium independent houses with the ownership of the land. This indeed is the defining feature of PaniPokhari Heights. It is unlike the other apartments in the city where the building is shared by numerous people and the land is owned by no one in particular.

There’s a saying ‘bedrooms should be like a blank canvas from where you can generate ideas’ and that is what Panipokhari Heights have embodied in their houses. The rooms can be customized as per the client’s needs. There is no compromise done from the aspect of modern and international designing of the ceilings and floors.

The project is built over land area of over 20 ropani consisting of around 50units of luxury homes. The house and the floor plans are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the clients. The price range of the houses varies in accordance to the land area and the size of the house.We also have a mock up for you to have an idea of what living in your luxury home would be like. Today, 70 percent of the houses are nearly completed.

The houses feature premium finishing like Egyptian marble, Spanish tiles, German bath fittings, modern security features etc. You will have the pure joy of living differently: higher up within the clean sunny atmosphere, in total harmony with the unmatched ambience, and with elegant architecture decorating the classy housing units for endless time. These unparalleled properties, a complete satisfying value for your investment, are some of the necessities that give mankind a truly deserving lifestyle, else would be lackluster, otherwise.

The houses come in three and a half floors without a basement, or four and a half floors, with a basement. The architects have created a neo-classical design that is inimitable in the city. In today's' real-estate market, series of apartments are seen to be available but unlike hundreds of those apartments, PaniPokhari Heights offers you a home. It is a completely residential colony with no commercial activity on-site.

 The project specializes in quality homes designed to maximize your lifestyle. The project’s preferred supply partners are well recognized in the industry ensuring that PaniPokhari Heights is not only packed with the best brands and most innovative features but also is going to improve the long-term value and enjoyment of your home. PaniPokhari Heights offer many options, extra inclusions and features from which you can choose to add to make your home just right.

The project offers round the clock security, treated water supply, provision for electricity and generator backups for the common places, and phone and appropriate internet lines. It has abundant and green open spaces, gated entrance with proper security measures and other facilities.

Panipokhari heights are homes for those who prefer living in a splendid location which is atypical to find within the Kathmandu valley. All this adds up to a better home for today- and a better home for tomorrow.


Community facilities
A separate  open space is provided for community  functions and recreation at the  south and south east corner of the site which is of the area 5083.16 sq ft. The location of open space is chosen at the south and the south east corner of site considering the sun angle, and also the disturbance to individual dwelling unit. Generator backup will be provided for common circulation area.

Security System
Apart from the entire compound being walled, each individual unit is fenced for the safety and security. There will be 24 hour security guards at the entrance gate. There is internal intercom connected to the guard room from each unit and from each unit to every house.

Safety Measures

Wide internal roads are provided within housing premises for fire brigade access in case of any fire hazards. The outlet points of fire hydrant shall be provided by the side of the access roads.

Water supply system
As municipal water supply is insufficient for the complex, the water is obtained from deep boring process. This is treated and supplied to every overhead water tank of capacity 750 lit and underground water tank of 2000 lit. Capacity installed in each unit.

Solar and Inverter backup
System has been provided for Solar / Inverter backup. All the rooms are provided with one light and one power point with solar / inverter backup.

Provision for AC installation in all the bed rooms.

Telephone/T.V. line cable
The telephone line shall be from NTC telephone box. Every individual unit is equided with telephone and T.V cable line.

Electricity Distribution
The project will have round the clock treated water supply with provision for electricity and generator backups for the common places. Phone and high speed internet lines will be available along with the cable TV or Dish / Home TV. There will be ample open spaces with greeneries and a gated entrance for security and other various amenities.

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