Housing Colony in Sitapaila Kathmandu, Housing projects in Sitapaila

Sitapaila, a part of Nagarjun Municipality in Province No. 3 of Central Nepal, has become a focal area for many housing projects in recent years. There are many housing colony projects by some reputed housing developers in Sitapaila Area.

Various projects are already completed and various projects are in the planning and completion phase. Brihat Investments, Padma Coolony, The Comfort Housing and CE Construction  are the front-runners in the development of housing projects in Sitapaila area.

Padma Colony Phase I & III, Brihat Community Living Ramkot, The Comfort Housing Sitapaila, Paradise Colony- Sitapaila and Arniko Awas are some of the popular housing projects in Sitapaila Area.

List of Housing Colonies Homes in Sitapaila area are as follows:

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