Furniture and Furnishing Expo 2022: Nepal's largest international expo on Furniture and Furnishing products

The eighth edition of the Furniture and Furnishing Expo has been slated to be held on second week of September i.e. 8th to the 12th of September (Bhadra 23 - 27) at Bhrikutimandap

The expo will be organized by the Nepal Furniture and Furnishing Association under the management of Event Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The organizers believe that the expo will help to revitalize the economy suffering from the impacts of the pandemic.

The organizer said there will be more than 120 stalls at the expo which will last for five days. According to the organizer, the main attraction of the expo will be materials such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, outdoor furniture, interior designer, carpet and marble among others. Prestige Carpet will be the main sponsor of the eighth edition of the expo which will be attended by exhibitors from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries.

It is expected that the expo will help to make the country self-reliant in furniture production by introducing modern technology in the furnishing business. It is said that the expo will play an important role in expanding the market of furniture products when the trend of modern lifestyle is increasing.

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