Nil Barahi Housing, Bhaktapur


NIL BARAHI HOUSING, a new flagship of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd. in the name of CE Realestate Pvt. Ltd. as a part of territorial expansion is situated at ChaguNarayan Muncipality, Bhaktapur.

Project offers an elegant and comfortable home to reside with your family as an emblem of organized community living. It caters for modern living with a hustle free environment connected merely 1.5 Km from Bode chowk. It is a planned residential development project targeted for the middle to high income group community.

>Nil Barahi Housing offers more then 100 units of different types of houses ranging from 4 anna to 7 anna plots spreading across 55 ropanies of land and exclusive residential apartments of 50-70 in number.

Nil Barahi Housing is built on the philosophy of ultra-modern luxury, intricately planned with spacious and innovative design that enables a rich, satisfying and luxurious living. It is a complete package for those who want to experience the intimacies of life with an active and cultured lifestyle.

Project Overview:
- Total No. of units=100
- Area range: 4 aana-7 aana
- Total Land area: 55 Ropanies
- Residential Apartments: 50-70 units

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