KIRTI COLONY-Chobhar, Kathmandu, Housing in Chobhar

Located in Chobhar, 5 kms away from Balkhu Chowk and merely a km to the west of Dakshinkali road, Kirti Awas will consist of 200+ residential units. 96 units will be built in the first phase with the remaining being built in the consecutive.

This commodious project has been initiated with a vision of offering meticulously designed and constructed residential units in a congenial environment at a reasonable price to meet todays city dwellers modern life-style.

The project is planned to assure spacious and comfortable residential units equipped with modern facilities, ample greenery and appealing infrastructures. The total of 150 residential units will have different built up area suiting the clients needs.

The completion of the project span is estimated at 4 years. The entire project will be provided with basic facilities and infrastructures provisions required for a residence. Units are sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

Housing and Apartments from CD Developers Pvt. Ltd.

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