Civil Homes Phase IV Dhapakhel Apartment, Lalitpur, Apartment in Dhapakhel

Open to a lush view of Dhapakhel landscape, each apartment unit in the two blocks under Civil Homes’ Dhapakhel Apartments is more bangs for your buck. The epitome of peaceful and posh living, the apartment is designed to be sophisticated and modern.

The general layout of each flat is kept within a limited space, but has been smartly planned to give you maximum utility, efficiency, and comfort.

Both blocks: A and B, comprise of 12 storeys making a total of 160 flats. With the rise in land value, apartment culture is a wise move, allowing you to own a house in the same land, but for half the price.

Whether you are looking for a home for your family or for yourself, put your worries for security and maintenance aside when you choose Dhapakhel Apartments. Your road to a relaxed, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle starts here!

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