Civil Homes Phase III Sunakothi, Housing Colony in Sunakothi Lalitpur

An amalgam of best of two worlds – the peaceful environs of Sunakoshi and the modern amenities that make everyday luxurious, Civil Homes’ Phase III in Sunakothi lives up to its tagline – The Satellite City! With all things luxurious available within the comforts of the gated colony, there is little need for a journey to the city.
But if you must, the serene location is in close proximity to the city centre, allowing easy commute. On the outside, the quaint bungalows, in their structure, reflect the spirit of traditional Newari houses of Kathmandu.

On the inside, these houses are bursting with aesthetic prowess, sound engineering, and ample space for a comfortable living. Optimizing on the open spaces, each bungalow is designed to be naturally ventilated and well-lit. Nothing beats living in Satellite City!!

> 196 houses
> Painted in Civil Homes’ theme color - crimson and white
> 1173 – 2540 sq. Ft, built up area
> Built on 5 ana to 1 ropani plot
> 2.5 storeyed independent bungalows
> Earthquake and termite resistant structures
> Built on gravel foundation
> Lawn and parking space for each house
> 3.5 km away from ring road
> Natural ventilation
> Vaastu checked

> Well managed water supply and drainage system
> Solar backup for individual homes
> Open community spaces/park
> Health Club with swimming pool
> Provision for beauty salon, mart and bank
> Around the clock security
> Paved streets with solar street lights


Housing  and Apartment Projects from Civil Homes

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