Elegent option for doors and windows

Previously, people considered wood to be the only material that could be used for windows and doors but today there are other options available in the market, with aluminium being the popular choice of many. Supertech Pvt Ltd, established in 1989, is believed to be the pioneer in Nepal to introduce aluminium materials for building houses. Currently, this company is not in operation but there are several others that have begun to offer these products and services.

"Earlier, wood was the first choice for doors, windows and frames in building, but with rapid deforestation, wood has now become costlier and is fast depleting. Instead of wood, many people are now opting for aluminium. In addition to ecofriendliness, this unique material has its own style, is aesthetically functional and suitable for any kind of building," says Ravi Khetan, owner of Doors `N' Windows Pvt Ltd. He adds that aluminium windows do not fade like wooden ones and therefore require less maintenance and paint jobs. Established in 2001, the company has exhibited its work in a number of prestigious business complexes like Lucky Tower in Tripureshwor, City Centre in Kamalpokhari, Himalayan Bank in Kamaladi and Saakha Centre in Hattisar.

Aluminum windows and doors come in different types, which give the owner the option to choose from a large variety of colours, styles and designs. Windows are available in sliding, casement, structural glazing, bay and arch models while doors can be either swing, hinge, sliding or bi-folding.

According to Madan Manandhar, managing director of Nu-Tech Pvt Ltd, business houses prefer structural glazing windows and swing doors, whereas sliding windows and hinge doors are more popular for residences. The specimens of this firm's work can be seen in Manipal Hospital in Pokhara, Nepalgunj Medical Hospital in Kohalpur and Mechi Hospital in Jhapa.

Depending on the quality, aluminium can cost from Rs 200 to Rs 800 per square feet. A normal sized alu minium window (4 X 6 sq ft) costs approxi mately Rs 6,700 without fly screen and Rs 8,000 with fly screen. Similarly, normal sized aluminium doors (3 X 7 sq ft) cost around Rs 8,400 to be set up.
For aluminium windows and doors, plain glass is preferred instead of black glass.

The installation time depends on the amount of space to be covered but it takes much lesser time as compared to wood and is certainly more hassle free.
Grills can also be part of the aluminium windows. "Many people are not aware of this fact, but grills can be easily installed in them," says Manandhar.

"Aluminium windows and doors are architecturally versatile, so they maintain consistent sight lines and enhance any room with their simplistic and unfussy form.
The advantage of installing aluminium doors and windows is that they protect the house from external agents like light and water and do not rust or become damaged even under extreme conditions. Therefore, aluminium fulfils a dual purpose, as it is both protective and decorative in nature," adds Manandhar.
Besides these advantages, it also allows space and ease in moving panels. This creates a feeling of openness and allows the spaces to merge together seamlessly.

Additionally, aluminium windows and doors have tight framed enhancements, which make it more secure. While aluminium is available in Nepal, it is also imported from Thailand and China. Customers mostly opt for Chinese assemble, as these are most affordable.

source:Pathak, Prakiti (2011),"Elegent option for doors and windows", The Himalayan Times: Property Plus, 15 Jan 2011

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