5 Premium Office Spaces for Rent in Anamnagar Kathmandu: NHS 28699

5 Premium Office Spaces for Rent in Anamnagar Kathmandu

Property ID: 28699

> Area: 1818
> Orientation: South
> Road: 9 meter
> Floors: 6

1. Semi-basement: Ideal for Spacious Ventures
With a generous area of 1664 sq. ft, the semi-basement office space provides ample room for businesses that require a substantial working area. Boasting a competitive rental rate of Rs 100 per sq. ft, this option is an excellent cost-effective solution for ambitious entrepreneurs. Additionally, its semi-basement position offers a unique environment that can foster creativity and productivity.

2. Ground Floor: The Epitome of Accessibility
The ground floor office space covers an area of 1664 sq. ft and is conveniently accessible from the main road of Anamnagar. This high visibility location is perfect for businesses relying on foot traffic or on easy accessibility for clients and customers. The rental rate of Rs 180 per sq. ft ensures a prestigious and strategic location without compromising affordability.

3. 1st Floor: Where Elegance Meets Practicality
For those seeking office space with a touch of elegance, the 1st floor offers an area of 1818 sq. ft at a rental rate of Rs 150 per sq.ft. This floor combines practicality and style, making it an excellent choice for businesses that value aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, its proximity to Singh Durbar, the official location in Kathmandu, adds to its prestige and convenience.

4. 2nd Floor: The Hidden Gem
While the 2nd floor is currently rented out, keeping an eye out for future opportunities is essential. Given the building’s prime location and competitive rental rates, the 2nd floor will undoubtedly be a valuable option for businesses looking for an exclusive and discreet setting.

5. 3rd and 4th Floors: Affordable Excellence
With two similar-sized floors covering 1818 sq. ft, the 3rd and 4th floors provide flexibility in choice. Priced at Rs 120 per sq. ft, these floors offer excellent value for money, making them an attractive option for businesses with budget considerations. The south-facing commercial building and easy access road further enhance their appeal.

5th Floor: Compact and Budget-Friendly
Lastly, the 5th floor offers a more compact space, covering 620 sq. ft. At a competitive rental rate of Rs 80 per sq. ft, this floor is perfect for smaller businesses, startups, or satellite offices. Despite its size, it retains the quality and features of the building, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Features That Set These Office Spaces Apart
Apart from the floor-specific highlights, there are several features common to all these office spaces that elevate them to a class of their own:

Prime Location: Situated on the main road of Anamnagar, these office spaces benefit from high visibility and easy access, making them convenient for employees and clients.

South Facing Building: The orientation ensures ample natural light throughout the day, creating a pleasant and inspiring work environment that enhances productivity.

Private Parking Lot: A dedicated parking area eliminates the hassles of finding parking spaces and ensures a seamless experience for employees and visitors.

Proximity to Singha Durbar: Locating near Singha Durbar, the administrative center of Nepal, adds prestige and significance to your business’s address.

Easy Access Road: The office spaces are well-connected to major roads and public transportation, making commuting convenient for everyone.

Price: Rs 150 Per sq.ft

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