Best Construction Companies in Nepal

Construction is essential to Nepal's progress as a developing nation. The government collaborates with commercial construction firms to complete a number of mega - projects. Along with government initiatives, private construction is at an all-time high in Nepal. In Nepal's largest cities, numerous residential and commercial structures as well as recreational and exercise facilities, shopping malls, and other facilities are being developed.

The disciplines of civil engineering and architecture are closely related to construction. Developing an infrastructure is the procedure involved in construction. A construction business is in charge of building structures in both the public and private sectors as a result of this job or procedural description.

A building business assembles all types of constructions using a simplified and complete method by combining a variety of resources. A construction company is a large-scale multitasking organization that combines a variety of human resources and technological resources, thus it is not only a single entity and does not only perform a single function.

Engineers from Nepal have a lot of options for employment, including prominent construction firms. As a result, the list we've provided here may assist you decide which option is ideal for you. Some of the Nepal's leading construction companies are:

1. Lama Construction Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Maharajgunj , Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977 – 01 – 4423203, 4412756

2. CE Construction Pvt.Ltd
Address: Tripureshwor-11, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4252124, 4243120

3. ANK Construction Company (P) Ltd.
Address: Rabibhawan, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4278130, 4280799

4. Swachchhanda Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Nagarjun Municipality-12, Syuchatar, Kalanki, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4032877, 4032882, 4032883

5. Kalika Group
Address: Baluwatar, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4439152, 4439153, 4439154

6. Raman Construction
Address: Sifal-7, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977 -1- 4474017

7. Himalayan Builders & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Babarmahal, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-1-5706018

8. Kumar Shrestha Nirman Sewa (P) Ltd.
Address: Chandol, Kathmandu-4
Phone no.:  +977-1-4415546, 4417946

9. Nepal Adarsha Nirman Company Pvt. Ltd. (NANC)
Address: Kuleshwor, Kathmandu
Phone no.:  +977-1-4278625

10. Nepal Construction & Engineering Corporation (NCEC)
Address: Battisputali – Dhobikhola, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4469898

11. Ashish Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1-4720273

12. Himalayan Pre-Fab  
Address: Lainchaur, Kathmandu
Phone no.: +977-1- 4024038/9

13. Tundi Construction (P) Ltd.
Address: Shantibasti, Sanepa-3, Ring Road, Lalitpur
Phone no.:  +977-1-5184173, 5184273

14. Prefab House Nepal
Address: Sunakothi, Satdobato-Tikabhairab Road, Lalitpur
Phone no.: +977-9851187267

15. Jalap Nepal (P) Ltd.
Address: Chitwan, Bharatpur 44200
Phone no.:  +977-56-415122

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