Land for sale at Sitapaila, Kathmandu

20 Aana residential land for sale at Sitapaila, Kathmandu

In Sitapaila, 20 Aana of land that can be divided into 3 pieces is for sale. The land is located 100 meters from Comfort Housing. The land is connected to the main road leading to Comfort Housing on the north side and is also completely covered by a 10-feet road on the west side of the land. This land can be divided into two pieces on the north face and one piece on the west face. The place where this land is located is a pleasant residential area. The land is discovered at a distance of about 600 meters from Sitapaila Ring Road. Take a closer look at the given Google Maps for detailed location information.

Area: 20 Aana
Price: Rs 45,00,000/- per aana

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