Land for Sale at Ghyampe Danda, Bhaktapur

Land for Sale at Ghyampe Danda, Bhaktapur

80 ropanis of a single plot for sale at Ghyampe Danda (adjoining plot of Pilot Baba Ashram) Anantalingeshwor Municipality, Bhaktapur Nepal. The land is perfect for different kinds of purposes like hotels. the resort, land plotting, housing, recreation center, etc.

Features of the Land:
> Total Land Size: 80 Ropani
> Road: 27 ft blacktop access road,
> 14 KM from Kathmandu
> This land is 80 percent flat land
> Surrounded by an old road to the east and north of the land
> This land is often used as a picnic spot
> 5 KM from Suryabinayak Bhaktapur
> Adjoining property of Pilot Baba Ashram
> Adjoining property of open National Zoological Garden
> Surrounded by lush green forest,
> Located at a height of around 2,000 meters above sea level
> Incredible view of the entire Kathmandu Valley and many snow-capped mountains,
> Recent declaration made by the Government of Nepal to make Ghyampe Danda is a tourism spot.

Price Details:
Area: 80 Ropani
Price: Rs 1,60,00,000/- per ropani

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