Siddhi Colony, Bhainsepati, Lalitpur, Housing in Bhainsepati

Siddhi Colony spells a name that humbly addresses Lord Ganesh an epitome of fortune that generates an idea of comfortable abodes of luxurious lifestyle endowed with the motto of building heaven on earth getting launched in the very premium location of Lalitpur, near Sainbu Awas, Bhainsepati.

Siddhi Colony showcases highly functional residences influenced by the minimalist western architecture giving them a suave contemporary look while the design itself is attuned to the local context.

The colony offers a range of independent houses modifiable to reflect one’s individuality. Along with these beautifully crafted houses the various amenities and a congenial atmosphere is something that makes you feel to say is as your true home. Behind Siddhi Colony, another range of completed individual housing colony exists, against the backdrop of the locale in the most decorative manner, where peace and tranquility rules in abundance.

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