Sewa Homes-I, Maitahawa, Kohalpur, Banke, Housing in Kohalpur

Home loan in Kohalpur is provided to low income families, who own land and want to either upgrade their existing home or build a new one and to indigenous community. Sewa works with the families helping them to analyse their housing situation and plan / design according to their needs. 

It is important that the families are comfortable with the final design and willing to pay the respective cost. They receive maximum home loan NPR 400,000 to build their houses.

Sewa Home I, Maitahawa, Kohalpur- ensures that newly constructed houses are within the affordability of the beneficiaries, and thus promotes usage of innovative low cost technologies for construction of the houses.  Hollow Concrete Block will be used to build the houses.

Project Features
> Project Area
- (4 Bigha 19 Katha : 364131 Sq.Ft.)
> Minimum Area Per Unit
- (6 Dhur 2.58 Kanwa :1210.94)
> Centrally located large green space
- (6 Katha 18 Dhur : 25287.65 Sq.Ft.)
> Eco Friendly Homes
> Passive solar design and planning to address hot and humid climate of Kohalpur.
> Natural light and Ventilation in all rooms.
> Open air amphitheater pit which also acts as water retention area during rainy seasons.
> Earthquake resistant houses built with reinforced hollow concrete block masonry.
> Incremental Housing (Provision for future addition)
> Community Building.
> Urban Infrastructure facilities like: 6m and 8m Wide Roads ; Rainwater Drain ; Drinking Water Supply ; Electricity and Sewer Lines.

Housing and Apartments from 
Sewa Pvt Ltd.

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