Janata Residency Apartments from Kanchanjunga Housing

Kanchanjunga Housing is the developers of Janata Residency, Bhainsepati-based project. The project has  190 apartments located in 10 buildings spread over 12 ropanis.

About Project:After constructing building of Trade Tower, Nepal, Thapathali, Kanchanjungha Housing Ltd in collaboration with G.T.M Pvt Ltd. is selling 190 apartments built in five storeys 10 separate buildings, linked to the main road adjacent to the radio Nepal tower at Bhaisepati, Lalitpur. Get the benefits of modern apartments at reasonable price.

The residence area is linked to the main road and has proper management of parking, water and drainage system. The area will be equipped with solar system to counter load shedding problem. Everyone is encouraged to book the flats as per the policy of the company to hand over the ready and operational flats with the demand by the customers.

The residence project lies within the area of 12 ropanis. 10 five storeys buildings have been built in the project. Among these buildings, block E has 10 and rests of the 9 blocks have 20 apartments each making it 190 apartments in total. There are 160 apartments with two bedrooms (598 square feet), 10 with three bedrooms (833 sq feet) and 20 with larger size bedrooms (1198 sq. feet). The area has parking lot facility for 100 motor cars and 150 motorcycles.