REMA, Need of an Existing Real Estate Market

People are aware of the fact that investment in Real Estate is one of the secure investments in the world as Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. A knowledgeable and trust worthy Real Estate Marketing Agent (REMA) will be an actual gift to an investor as well as for the user who doesn't have time to dedicate for selling and buying property.

Realizing the need of the existing Real Estate market,Brihat Investments has established REMA to initiate ethical property dealings. From the presentation of Mr. Om Rajbhandary, Real Estate expert of Nepal on the occasion of closing ceremony of 3rd REMA Course on 24th September 2010, advocated that the REMA can play vital role in the existing Real Estate market.

In order to initiate REMA profession as a lucrative career, Mr. Rajbhandary, in his presentation, highlighted the major roles of different bodies as follows:
»Roles of Developers / NLHDA
»Roles of the Government Bodies
»Roles of Banks and Financial Institutions
»Roles of Media

Roles of Developers / NLHDA
Developers can involve REMA for creating the new dimension in Real Estate as mentioned below:
• Absorbing REMA as employees either as Marketing Officers or on an incentive basis in any Real Estate transactions.
• Producing REMA professionals within the organization by providing REMA course to the staff members.
• Reserving certain quota of housing units to be sold by the certified Real Estate Marketing Agents in each project. For example, BI mobilized REMA to sell 10 units out of 70 during the first phase of Brihat Community Living Ramkot Project.

Roles of the Government Bodies
• Developing curriculum for REMA courses.
• Providing authoritative statuses and certificates to the REMA’s.
• Providing licenses to the registered REMA’s.
• Allowing the Real Estate transaction deals to be only made through and by the registered and authorized REMAs as in stock market.
• Presenting a certified REMA as a witness to every Real Estate transaction, like a certified medical doctor has a role in the medical world as well as an engineer has in construction sites.
Article contributed by Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd.

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