How to Decorate a large window

Consider how much privacy you really need. This will deter mine what kind of window treatments or if you need curtains at all. You may have large floor-to-ceiling win dows that overlook a scenic view. If so, hang a curtain rod on the lower windows to give you privacy while allowing light to stream in.

Use faux panels You might not need curtains that cover the whole expanse of the large window.
You may already have plantation shutters or blinds on the window. Curtains can be used to add softness to the room as well as pattern and texture. Make a cornice box You might think that curtains are too fussy or expensive. A local upholster can create a cornice box. This is the more modern version of a valance.

You can have the cornice made to your exact window size and covered with the fabric of your choice. This will add pattern to your window without obstructing your view.Keep it simple Elaborate window treatments can feel overwhelming on a large window. Look for clean lines. Use a valance, sheers or curtain panels.

You do not need to use all of the treatments to make a statement. Show off the windowsill You might already have pri vacy and want to show off your large window instead of hiding it. Try painting the window frame a different colour to cre ate a focal point. A bright turquoise windowsill will fit in with a French country or mod ern look.

Consider the other window treatments throughout the space A large window draws most of the attention in a room. Look around at the other windows that you can see from your room. You might want the win dow treatments to match so they relate to each other and the rooms feel finished. This is essential if you have an open floor plan. Use the same colour or texture if you do not want to use the exact same fabric.
Make your window treatments easy to open and close Attach curtain rings to the top of your window treatments.You can either sew the rings on or look for clip-on rings.This will allow you to use window treatments across a large window.

Create a seating area in front of the window Move a pair of chairs in front of the window so your guests can enjoy the feature. You can even have a window seat built in a large bay window for extra seating space. It is also a cosy place to curl up with a book or take a nap in the sun.

Tips and warnings Go for a heavy-duty curtain rod. Even if you use lightweight window treatments, they can add up across a large window. Use a thick curtain rod that will not bend in the middle and can handle the weight of your window decorations.

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