Housing, a major force to reckon with

In almost two decades in this Real Estate field, I feel that growth of urbanization in Nepal is relatively low compared to global ratio. Urbanization is a part of development process that cannot be curtailed and compromised. It is the demand of this modern era, and also a key factor for measuring development. Kathmandu valley alone, by 2020 will face demands of 40,300 housing units per year as expected. The conventional system of owner-built housing is still predominant. However, in the recent past, Community Living Concept has been widely accepted and is in increasing demand. The professionals from private organizations /developers bring products that are built according to building by-laws following norms and considering earthquake safety measures.

It should be the mission of all that each and every Nepali citizens are provided with affordable and adequate shelter.We all believe that earthquakes don't intentionally kill people, but unsafe buildings deliberately do. Similarly, we are aware of the fact that the government has encouraged some private sectors for the delivery of dwelling units as starters. With the support and facilitation provided by the banks so far, we have seen the organized urbanization gain tremendous support.
The global recession has mandated all those citizens of the world to opt for cost effective housing in order to sustain life and live well. Government in Nepal should also go for cost effective housings. This is just the beginning and we have a long way to go in achieving our vision into reality.With the commencement of acceptance of housing products and other real estate products like Town Housing, Group Housing, Senior

Living, Rental Housing demand and coverage will make sure that there is a possibility to cater to more people. This way, we will surely be able to provide safe and cost effective housing for all.

Om Rajbhandary
Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd.

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